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GPC Lab supports the clientʼs R&D projects by collaborating with various biotechnology such as genome engineering, genome analysis, bioluminescence/fluorescence and animal experiments.


Products & Services

GPC Lab creates and provides innovative imaging research tools (gene reporter cell, transgenic mice) that can be used for research on basic biology, drug development, medical research and so on.

  • Circadian rhythm monitoring cell: bmal1 gene reporter cell.
  • OECD TG442E IL-8 Luc assay cell line: THP-G8 cell line.

Lab Instruments

GPC Lab has some experimental facilities (P2, P2A) and our own bioimaging instruments.

  • 2550 Kronos Dio (ATTO)

    Bioluminescence measurement system
    AB-2550 Kronos Dio (ATTO)

  • AB-2350 Phelios (ATTO)

    Microplate luminometer
    AB-2350 Phelios (ATTO)

  • WSL-1565 Kronos HT (ATTO)

    Bioluminescence measurement system
    WSL-1565 Kronos HT (ATTO)


    in vivo imaging system

  • gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator(Miltenyi Biotec)

    gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator
    (Miltenyi Biotec)


  • Offers reporter cell products involving circadian rhythm research and alternatives to animal experiments.
  • Development service for in vitro / in vivo imaging research tools.
  • Animal experiments.


Circadian rhythm reporter cell

This product is bmal1 reporter cell, mouse embryonic fibroblast, derived from Bmal1::ELuc transgenic mice.
These express ELuc (Emerald luciferase, TOYOBO) under the control of bmal1 clock gene promoter.

Circadian rhythm reporter cell
add kinase inhibitor
add caffeine

Product information

Product Name Catalog No Product Size Storage
Product Name Circadian rhythm reporter cell
Catalog No GP-M02-P2
Product Size 5.0 x 106 cells/vial, 4 vials
Storage Liquid nitrogen

THP-G8 cell line (for IL-8 Luc assay, OECD TG442E)

THP-G8 cell line harbors SLO(stable luciferase orange) and SLR(stable luciferase red) genes under the control of interleukin-8(IL-8) and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase promoters, respectively.

Certificate of Analysis:COA_210406III3525
Protocol:ver. 024.2E
Data Sheet:ver. 021.1
Reference:J. Toxicol. Sci. vol. 43, No. 12, 741-749, 2018
List of exam 143 chemicals:Data set_143
Cell culture protocol(GPC recommended):THP-G8_culture_protocol_ver.20211228

THP-G8 cell line (for IL-8 Luc assay, OECD TG442E)

Product information

Product Name Catalog No Product Size Storage
Product Name THP-G8
Catalog No GP-H01-P15
Product Size 2.0 x 106 cells/vial
Storage Liquid nitrogen

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